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The greatest entrepreneurs are the most resourceful ones.

They’ll use every little screwdriver in their arsenal to get the job done. Similarly, the greatest podcast hosts are the most resourceful ones.

That’s why we encourage our podcast clients to use Zoom for their recordings.

If you are familiar with it, you know you have the option to save separate audio files for the host and the guest. I'll show you how to optimize the sound in a separate post.

Why Zoom?

👉 It is widely popular,

👉 There are high chances you use it for other meetings,

👉 Even the free version will give provide you with high-quality recordings (if you have the proper equipment that is)

But the way you carry out the interview has more weight on the performance than getting a high-quality sound file. Your communication skills are what will make you stand out.

Two weeks ago, I shared the Golden Rules on how to be a better host and communicator. (DM me if you want to check them out for youtself. ⚠️)

No matter where you find yourself on the intro/extraverted specter, you can improve your hosting skills. Besides the Golden Rules, you can use these open-ended questions to trigger better responses:

💡 What could your audience know about your upbringing which would be of interest to them?

💡 Name three famous people whose style is similar to yours. What do you like about them?

💡 What are the 5 most helpful things you could teach someone about your job/industry?

💡 What do you HATE about the industry you work in?

💡 Name your top skills 3 and describe in one sentence how you got good at them.

Remember the best podcast marketing tip:

⚠️ Better conversations = better content = better performance.

How do you make your guests comfortable? Have you used any of these in your daily convos as well?

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