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“Positioning is the most important role of every leader.”… But why?

The Art of Business Wars is one of the books I treat like a schoolbook. I underline, I take notes, and I yell “eureka!” when I realize something obvious.

Today this paragraph stood out to me.

“If you don’t know exactly for whom you are, and most importantly, why people should buy what you are offering, your leadership will be confusing, unclear, and ineffective.”

Our clients approach us with this exact issue.

💡 They are not aware how to make their offer stand out, how to emphasise the UVPs.

💡 They are unaware what is their ICP.

💡 They simply don’t know how and to whom to communicate their value.

That’s why we start by going through 3 forms:

👉🏼 The Personal Branding form: to understand the unique traits of the Thought Leader

👉🏼 The Segmentation Form: to examine their current offerings and their target audience

👉🏼 The Getting Started form: to map out the end goal and the path towards it.

How do you define your offer? How do you define your ICP? How do you store all the information for internal use?

Let’s discuss ⬇️

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