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Overheard in The City - World of Warcraft Story

High-pitched cries were echoing through the skies.

The sound waves were rippling so hard it was like Elmynt's ears were still in Valdrakken.

He quickly dispersed his thoughts and rode his drake to the city.

Panda shaman riding a dragon.

The closer he got to the ground, the more these cries resembled those of his buddy Nim Nim.

Elmynt loved traveling Azeroth with his mini-kin.

Nim-Nim was only a tenth of the shaman's size.

The average Ancient Proto-drake on the Dragon Isles could use him as a toothpick.

But that never stopped the little Pandaren to travel the globe with his buddy.

Elmynt kept him close not for his fighting skills.

Although he was as fierce as an orc.

He kept Nim-Nim close for 2 table-turning skills: his cunning eye for details, and his ability to quickly connect the dots.

Wherever the elements were failing the shaman, his counterpart picked up the pieces using logic. And wherever fear was overtaking the situation, Nim-Nim was brave enough to run a raid on his own.

Panda in a monk suit bowing.

Getting closer to the sources of the cries, Elmynt eventually landed in Littlescales Daycare.

Nim-Nim was eagerly hopping around, waiting for the shaman to answer his calls.

While the larger Pandaren was on top of the mountains of the Dragon Isles, trying to arrange the conflicts in his mind, the little one was eavesdropping around the city markets.

One of the Valdrakken guards started talking about a Gnoll problem. Knowing what kind of mischief these creatures could do on Kalimdor, Nim-Nim was concerned that their evil may grow stronger here. Unable to get more details as the little Pandaren was pushed over by a distracted Tauren, all he heard was a name and a location.

A tribe leader called Too'ku, somewhere near the Tuskarr village in The Azure Span.

Elmynt didn't know how to react to this.

He knew little of the Tuskarr.

He hadn't even realized that there was Gnoll activity on the Isles.

But in the span of their partnership, Nim-Nim had never sounded the alarm for no reason.

With a minute to gather his thoughts and replenish his vigor, both Pandaren hopped on the ocean-blue drake and headed to the Azure Span.

A big and a small panda with buildings in a background.

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