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Not Everyone Should Start a Podcast

Some things are better left unsaid if the host doesn't know how to engage with their guests.

For the past 3 years, The Marketing Family has had the opportunity to work on several podcasts. After editing more than 50 episodes, and listening to 500 more, here are the main turnoffs for listeners:

💡 Interrupting the guests: That's the biggest No-No.

Don't talk over them unless you're saving them from embarrassment.

They are the star for this 1 hour.

And if you feel like you need to add to or oppose their opinion, pick your moments.

💡 Prolonging your question.

For inexperienced hosts, this is a common hurdle.

You over-explain your question, giving your guest directions for the kind of answer you're expecting. We get it - you want to make their lives easier.

But if you don't do it, this will 1) give you an opportunity to create better snippets for social media, and more importantly 2) is giving the speaker the freedom to roam through your question.

If they're confused, they'll ask for clarification.

Then you can guide them.

But let the initial shock of the question bring out the rawest answer your guest can think of.

💡 Not sharing your 2 cents.

As I mentioned, there's a time and place for each of your sentences. To lead a podcast episode properly, consider it as a regular conversation with a person you don't know. Because it is. Don't be afraid to take a minute or two to explain your thoughts on a certain statement or issue. Just don't steal the spotlight. Put the focus back on the guest by continuing with your questions.

These are the 3 of the biggest turnoffs for listeners. We encourage our clients (hosts) to keep a list of DOs and DONTs near them.

Drop a comment if you wish to learn about the DOs or if you'd like to add anything to the DONTs.

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