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Let me Take You on a Trip Down Memory Lane

You finally got that date with your dream crush.

It's about time to put on your A-game and head to the restaurant.

Your best outfit and cologne are making sure you nail the first impression.

The restaurant is cozy, the smooth jazz is the cherry on top.

They were ready to lay back, and share with you their wildest dreams… But you made the first move tad too early.

You ruined the night in the first hour because you were impatient and intrusive.

You didn’t give them the time and space to feel comfortable.

It's the same when booking your podcast guests.

Start by asking for 2-3 specific topics that they would like to talk about. You can set up the question in advance on Calendly.

We encourage our clients to hop on a 15-minute break-the-ice call before conducting the interview. This ensures a more natural flow of the conversation. Combine this with a solid research on guests’ work, and it’ll be like you are talking to a long-time friend.

Here is a quick list that’ll help you do your homework better:

* Ex. Search [Their Name] + [Interviews]

* Ex. Search [Their Name] + [Topic]

* Ex. Search [Their Name] + [Biography]

* Ex. Search [Their Name] + [Reddit]

* Ex. Search [Their Name] + [Podcast]

* Ex. Search their social media presence [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn]

* Ex. Search YouTube: Person and Topic,

* Ex. Ask guests for a resume or a bio if they don’t have a social media presence to get some background info.

* Check any “about” pages on relevant websites

How are you researching your next guest? How are you researching your leads before hopping on Discovery calls?

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