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I know You Are Tired by the Monthly Company Updates

What if I told you the mandatory monthly company updates could become more pleasant?

What if you could go through the internal seminars for upskilling in a more straightforward manner?

What if you could connect your team to your brand's mission and culture without wasting time after work hours?

Recently, I saw an article by Marketing Brew on Etien's profile.

It was good news for many organizations, and it was good news for podcast producers as well.

Since 2020 the WFH wave has turned into a tsunami.

This makes it a tad harder to keep your team on the same page.

Especially, if you are not a fan of the daily 2-hour Zoom meetings.

Big-name executives, like the ones from DoorDash and Intuit, realized the potential of launching a company podcast for internal communication.

🤔 But what can such an asset do for your team?

It can:

💡 Inform your employees about benefits, safety and compliance rules, just like Grand Island Express did.

💡 Strengthen the connection between departments and employees across all levels. Wakefern Food Corp. and Arlo Technologies, Inc. used this approach to “enable that connection and engagement between leadership and employees while everybody was working remotely,”

💡 Deliver all project updates in a brief audio format, allowing your employees to catch up at their own convenience.

Don't look at podcasting only as a way to gather brand awareness. It can deliver your messaging both to the outside world, and to the world you've built within your company.

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