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My Brief Story

My name is Nikolay Dobrev. 

People around the world realized that calling me Nico is easier to pronounce. I am a business and marketing enthusiast. The main issue I solve is helping companies generate awareness for their brands through stories and knowledge.


In my businesses, I have been responsible for managing our finances, and growing our brands through educational and engaging content. Outside of work you can find me digging through personal development projects that boost my mind and body.


I'm an entrepreneur who has been working closely alongside teams from Bulgaria, Belgium, Netherlands, Washington, California, and many more. I've helped them achieve growth goals through various Content Marketing campaigns.

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For Profit Projects

Studying and having to pay the bills kicked me into 6th gear. Since 2017 I have been developing personal and product brands. My aim was always to draw attention to events, and to urge people to sign up or buy. I've organized in-person insurance seminars, built retail brands, and scaled marketing agencies.


Throughout the rest of my life, I am going to be chasing knowledge in 3 main areas.
Business. People. Universe.

In business - influencing finances and marketing in the most effective way. About people - exploring the human mind and soul. And the Universe's history, future, and laws of physic .

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